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Salem Oak Vineyards gets hundreds of donation requests annually. Due to the influx of requests and regulations from the IRS and NJ ABC, we are limited in our ability to donate. Therefore, we prioritize 501c(3) federal and state-recognized non-profits in our immediate area, Salem County. If you meet this requirement, we cannot guarantee that we will donate, but you are welcome to fill out our donation request form below. Please do not contact us for donations on Facebook or Instagram.

If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser at Salem Oak Vineyards, you can contact us at salemoakvineyards@gmail.com. Fundraiser packages start at $19.95 per person for light appetizers, the event space, and a glass of wine.

Include this information in your email for donation requests; donation requests without this information will not receive a response.
Federal Non-profit ID:
NJ state Non-profit ID:
Description or other details: