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Our Wine List
Wine Tasting $10: includes all wines, sangrias & slushies; Include the Glass, $12
  • Jessica Rose (Vidal Blanc, Dry)
  • Christina Lee (Pinot Grigio, Off-dry)
  • Julia-Marie (Cayuga, Semi-sweet) Back in Stock as of 8/4!
  • Sweet Caroline (Niagara, Sweet) Back in Stock as of 8/4!
  • Olivia (Seyval Blanc & Rougeon, Dry Rose) Sold out until Fall!
  • Mathis (Rougeon, Semi-dry)
  • Analise (Concord, Sweet)
  • Louis (Pinot Noir)
  • Merlot's Merlot (Merlot)
  • The Candidate (Petit Verdot)
  • Jake (Cabernet blend)
  • Brandon Jae (Cabernet Franc)
  • Katie Marie (50% Cabernet Sauvignon / 50% Petit Syrah) Sold Out until Fall!
  • Thea (Malbec)
  • "Blue" (Mathis with Blueberry)
  • Stop on by for our other flavors (Vary Seasonally)!
We have STRAWBERRY WINE! 100% Fresh Strawberries from Porches' farm!
We also sell wine SLUSHIES (seasonal)!!!
Bottle prices range from $16.82 to $21.96